In its early stages, prostate cancer typically has no symptoms.

  • Is the most common non-skin cancer among men. About 200,000 men are diagnosed every year and approximately 30,000 will die from it.
  • Affects one in 7 men in their lifetime.
  • If detected early, prostate cancer is usually treatable.  The ten year relative survival rate is nearly 98%. Incidence is almost 50% higher among African American men and death rate double.
  • Annual PSA blood screenings and digital rectal examinations are recommended for men 50 and older. At risk men (family history with prostate cancer or African American heritage) should begin at age 40 or as suggested by their physician.
  • Almost 3 million men in this country are survivors of prostate cancer.
  • Support groups of survivors are a wonderful source of information for men and their families.

Prostate Cancer Screening Services

Harris Health System offers prostate cancer screening as part of their regular patient services. To determine eligibility and schedule an appointment, contact them at 713-566-6509. Additional information can be found on their website: